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Duke Special

By nature, Duke Special (aka Belfast’s Peter Wilson) is a curious person. He is curious about music, theatre, books, poetry, art, love, life, redemption, death and 78RPM records. All of… Read More »Duke Special

Hank Wedel

At some stage I will have to stop saying that I'm super excited to host an event but for now, I'm still super excited to host Singer-songwriter Hank Wedel! Hank… Read More »Hank Wedel


Jack O Rourke

Like the majority of artists who perform at Richmond, Jack O' Rourke should need no introduction. However, you may find some interesting info in the following. As per usual, scroll… Read More »Jack O Rourke


SAL is an Irish singer-songwriter with a difference. Her music explores the many colours in the spectrum of folk music, always showcasing her own versatility as an artist, whilst maintaining… Read More »SAL