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Nicole Maguire

Scroll down for TICKETS After taking a 7 year break from music, Nicole Maguire is now back and armed with a batch of new songs under her belt. Having released… Read More »Nicole Maguire

Polly Barrett

Polly Barrett is a well-known name on the Irish folk scene. After releasing two albums, 2011’s Mr Bookshop and Probably Me in 2014, she took a break from music to focus on family. While she remained musically inactive for six… Read More »Polly Barrett

Duke Special

By nature, Duke Special (aka Belfast’s Peter Wilson) is a curious person. He is curious about music, theatre, books, poetry, art, love, life, redemption, death and 78RPM records. All of… Read More »Duke Special

Hank Wedel

At some stage I will have to stop saying that I'm super excited to host an event but for now, I'm still super excited to host Singer-songwriter Hank Wedel! Hank… Read More »Hank Wedel